Still kickin'

If any of you are left out there, you've either:
a. been checking daily for blog posts and have been very disappointed
b. stopped checking all the time and are shocked to find something new on here today
c. know that our computer hasn't been working and take pity on us, because you know no one wants to read a blog post without pictures!

But thankfully, Aunt Becca was here this weekend, and I was able to steal a picture from her on facebook so I could post and not lose all of our family members, blog stalkers, and other miscellaneous friends! We have been crazy busy the past few weeks checking lots of boxes off of Emerson's list of firsts! 

- First plane ride, check.  All the way across the country to California - and she did AWESOME.  No crying, took 2 hour long naps, no ear problems from the pressure change, entertained nearby passengers with wide mouth smiles and lots of giggling.
- Met 5 cousins that live in California, check.  LOVED them, I mean she loved them - Taylor, Riley & Jordan could make her smile and laugh like no one else!  She and Mikayla loved grabbing at each other's faces and smiling, and meanwhile Kaden was a pro at making a baby laugh from the backseat! [I have SO MANY cute pictures from this trip, I cannot wait to share them with you all once the computer isn't sick anymore!]
     - Went on her first yacht ride
     - Stuck her toes in the sand and in the freezing cold ocean - she might not have liked the ocean so much.  But it sure did make for hilarious photos.
     - Went to In-N-Out.  Yum.  Well, she didn't eat it, but we did, yum.  Also on this list should be: Pinkberry, Yogurt Town, Yogurt Land, Yogurt Mania, and 800 other yogurt places we saw and wanted to go to because they are all delicious.  [Sidenote, HOORAY found out this weekend there is a new yogurt place here in Charlotte - Yoforia.  I wonder how many other names they can come up with.]
- Eaten a ton of new foods including but not limited to: rice, oatmeal, avocado, sweet potatoes, green beans, butternut squash, carrots, apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, prune juice (as you can imagine the ones that are crossed out aren't really preferred...at all)
- Gotten 2 teeth ?!?!?!?!
- Started babbling with all kinds of new sounds mamamamammababababababbabadadadadadada

Hoping to get the computer and all of its accessories working this weekend - while visiting Molly & Bella and celebrating Molly's 30th birthday! - (I'm blogging from work, shhhhh) so that I can show you some of these fabulous photos from the last month's happenings.  Don't give up on us, we'll be making a big comeback! 


Ashley said...

Hi Ellen,

I am one of your random blog stalkers! I love looking at the cute pictures of sweet Emerson and staying up-to-date with yall! Guess I'm not a random stalker anymore....

~Ashley (Temple) Gauthier
(from Crestridge)

Bec said...

I love that girl. I mean REALLY love. And you can steal photos from me whenever you want!

Lynn said...

Is it possible that Em can get any cuter? Apparently so!!

Daniel and Kristi Redding said...

YAY!!!! You're back :) Love the sweet picture of Emerson. Can't wait to see more from the CA trip.

Gloria said...

Now I can go to bed happy to have seen a new picture of Emerson!! She is so photogenic. thanks can't wait for more.

Becky said...

Bec takes good pictures...and your daughter is VERY photogenic. So stinkin cute!

Sara said...

Landon just got 2 teeth too! I'll make sure to tell him his girlfriend is catchin up fast :)