Moved In!

Not much to share yet inside this door because mostly all you are going to see is a whole lot of boxes!

Our bedroom is set up and I have spent a lot of time there in the bed since the move - like all day yesterday minus a walk to get a movie and of course several trips to the bathroom because that's just the way my bladder works these days! Terry has been an amazing mover and builder and has spent some good invested hours learning how to put together Sweedish furniture in our bedroom - thank you IKEA for your no-words, all photos, 36 step instruction manual. SERIOUSLY?!

The move went well, it was nice to have movers and just get to sit and direct and not worry about anyone banging walls or scratching paint etc. We'll do plenty of that on our own! But somehow unpacking seems just as exhausting even though the majority of our house has yet to be unpacked! I can't wait to get our new living room furniture in a week or two along with all the nursery furniture and think it will start feeling more settled once we have those things and can settle in around them.
Our neighbors are probably enjoying watching movies through our windows right now until our blinds come. The second night we slept at the house it was so bright we ended up sleeping upstairs in the guest room. (It was great, you will love to sleep there - dark as a cave!) And for move-in day, we had the essentials:
Ben & Jerry's (his & hers style)

This was the only thing in our fridge for the first 2 days. When it was gone, we figured we should go to the store.

Here is one little corner of boxes and the temporary set-up of our living room - where we haven't spent any time because it's covered in boxes and we are currently secretly (or not so secretly) LOVING stashing our TV in our bedroom until we get around to mounting it above the fireplace. You have to know I love you to show you pictures of my house like this.

And here is where I sat directing moving traffic. I thought during this part of the move that I loved the role of a pregnant woman during moves, but the next day I realized I was just as tired as if I had moved it all myself when in fact all I did was some unpacking. Growing a baby is TOUGH work folks!

So that's all for now, hopefully progress will be progress, but we are doing great about not rushing through it and making sure we find the real legitimate home for things in our home so that in 5 years we don't wonder why we kept the things we kept or where we put the things we need. Should have thought about that when we were packing up bath towels so we didn't have to dry off with hand towels after showers for the first two days. Luckily, I just called Molly and asked where she would have put them, assuming I would have put them in the same place, and wouldn't you know - she knew, and was right! God bless people that know you better than you know yourself!

Thanks for the pictures Kat!!!


Bec said...

I would like to stay in the cave next Wednesday - do I need to call the Concierge for a reservation???

And do you have a cute bellboy hanging around somewhere to carry my stuff???

Molly said...

still loving that I am SO damn brilliant and knew where the bath towels were... no wonder we are 2 peas in a pod!
miss your face... and belly.
kiss T for me.

Lynn said...

YES! I have been waiting for this post. Welcome to your new home, Bruces!!

amy free said...

It's gorgeous... in the pics and in person :) I can't wait to share more photos of the whole Bruce crew!!!

Rebecca said...

I love the house and can't wait to see it in person!!! Beautiful!!