27 Candles

Much to the dismay of some, I only saw the movie Sixteen Candles a few short years ago for the first time. Today, this guy is celebrating with 27 candles on his cake, and I've already reminded him of how OLD he is, since he did the same to me...two year ago...when I turned 27 - thanks babe.
June 11th has always been a birthday celebration day for me, because it is my brother's birthday [happy birthday old man!], and now I get to celebrate it double because it's also Terry's birthday. (Or really triple, because it's also Adele's husband's birthday - happy day Tom!)
But for now, I'll celebrate my hubs and the candles on his cake with some of the reasons I'm so thankful for getting to be the one to celebrate this day with him. Here are my 27, in no particular order:
1. Well, just look at that face
2. His sweet spirit that loves others so well
4. He thinks I get funnier by the day - this is a big feat folks...I'm not that funny
5. He has enough athletic genes to make up for my complete absence of any [lets just hope the babe gets HIS and not my duds!]
6. He will eat anything I cook and like it - with the exception of one time when I made him what he refers to as 'fratwursts' because they were made with soy instead of meat, anything 'fake' like that gets an 'f' put in the front of it
7. He makes up words that start with 'f': my Frada purse, fausage for the soy sausage, etc. and puts up with all of my 'fake' things
8. He loves a lazy day or night at home with a movie just as much as I do
9. He never lingers, rarely angers, and always gets over everything quickly
10. As a result, we have great communication, thanks 100% to him. If it had been up to me, I'd probably still be sulking about some tiny thing that happened 2 years ago :)
11. He L-O-V-E-S his family - the one he grew up with, and the one we are about to start
12. He has never had a fight with any of his siblings, all five of them. Sorry Adam and Laura!
13. When he sleeps he reaches over and rubs my head or back and doesn't even know he's doing it - now that is love
14. He rescued me from the rat house, my hero!
15. In highschool, he pretended to love to rub my elbow [weirdo!] and now admits it was just an excuse to touch me :)
16. He keeps me sane and grounded - like when I'm sobbing about reading about car seats or a hormonal mess while pregnant and he just pats my back and lets me be irrational for awhile
17. He prays for our baby to be strong and sweet every day (among other things)
18. He is a great leader
19. He loves his friends, deeply
20. He quilted when he was a kid and is 500% proud of it even if/when made fun of for it
21. He is going to be a fabulous father and a nervous wreck if we have daughters
22. He is 100% himself and never tries to conform for others
23. He listens to great music and keeps me cool
24. I am such a better (and as we know from Laura, cooler) person because of him
25. He loves my pregnant belly
26. He keeps me young
27. He is the best husband. Ever.
I love you birthday boy - hope it is a fun day of being loved and celebrated even if it's not your blowout party days of old, and you can't hear from anyone because your phone got run over by a car :)


terry said...

Thanks Ellen!!! That is so sweet and I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful wife. I love you so much and your love for me continues to amaze me. I don't know where I would be without you.
Love you,

Adele and Tom said...

Happy Birthday Terry! You're the third coolest person I known born today! (Obviously my husband's first, and it's also my grandmother's birthday, so she's second.) Have a great day!

Bec said...

Terry - just remember that I was your girlfriend before she was your wife. I will email you 27 things about you that I love since that silly phone is dead meat. **Please disregard the message where I made fun of you for having your phone off on your birthday**


And Elle, if I had known 20 some years ago that you hadn't seen Sixteen Candles yet, we may not have become friends...


KatieKate said...

Seriously, Terry. Quilting? I love you so much.

Louise said...

Ellen, don't be so quick to forget that today is also your step-sister's daughters birthday. ;)

Michael and Lynn said...

Oh! No wonder I had to leave you a voicemail on your birthday!!