Returning to Normalcy...and Highschool

We Bruces move into our 'temporary housing' tomorrow and are excited to give Becky her space back and return to our normal routine. This Bruce is not excited about all this movement, but I bet that my sweet husband is just as not-excited since he is the one doing the moving. I'm just directing and putting sheets on beds!

But we do still have the option of living like Gloria and Bob now that we are 'dried in' at the new house and have passed our electrical and plumbing inspections. Siding goes on next week, wow!
John, we hope to see a lot of this when we open our front door
(actually, we hope you just come on in)

John, by the way is often known as either my other husband or my son. Love him, love him, love him. John and I go all the way back to middle school at good old Calvary Baptist Day School. In fact, we go all the way back to me being a cheerleader for him on the basketball team. Let's review here, because you all saw how I can only jump maybe 3 inches off the ground at best, so you know what a joke it is that I was a cheerleader in middle school. But it was no joke that John played ball; he and Terry still 'ball it up' as they say every Saturday morning with a group of guys, and I'm pretty sure they dominate out there on the court. Not quite like Terry's years of sitting the bench at Mt. Tabor in highschool.

Last weekend, we went to a baby shower for another old Calvary companion for me and App companion for Terry - Jesse & Elizabeth Watson. I had been home in Winston getting my haircut, and Terry drove from Charlotte, so he had not seen my hair yet until we met there. When he saw me, he said "Woah, highschool!" I'm pretty sure I just might have taken 10 years off my looks by taking those 10 inches off my hair! I really do look just like I did in highschool!

[I would write more below, but blogger is being fickle and not letting me get text in below these pictures - guess that means that's all for this week! Back to more insightful and entertaining blogs next week with updates from our new temporary casa]




KatieKate said...

I heart your hair! You look so fancy!

Bec said...

Sigh - I thought the fun baby gift might make the blog. And you do look like you did in high school. :) One day, I will make the blog - perhaps when too much fun is had at Pops in the Park. :)

Michael and Lynn said...

Your hair is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love the hair Ellen!

Anonymous said...

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