Week in Review (the short version)

Apparently, who has time to blog when you are house-sitting 45 minutes away from where you live and running a kennel/keeping six labs on the lake?! Yes, go ahead and count them, 1..2..3..4..5..6. And dogs 1-4 are related, what fun! Here's the synopsis so far:

Here are 4 of the six (the four that are related) - kids on the left, parents on the right - watching the boys on their floats. It's the kids' birthday today (2 years old) - that means Salem's birthday, hooray!

I furminated all 6 of them, this picture does not at all do it justice -
filled up 2 plastic grocery bags
(and see that tiny pile in the bottom right, that's Salem's who gets brushed weekly,
now we know why!)

oh THIS cute boy? he's just my husband. i just love him. LOOK at his face, who couldn't love this face. He did great at wakeboarding - proud of you T!

ahhhh, summer: Pops in the Park where the symphony plays in the park for free and LOTS of peeps come and drink wine and eat yummy food. I stumbled across this cute boy while I was there. I think I like him, we kissed, we went home together, we got married. End of story.

Where am I you want to know? What are these dogs looking at you want to know? Oh, I've just been a FISH for the past week floating away in the lake, on the jet ski, totally basking in the sun. More pictures to come later, I'm behind on many adventures, but in the mean time, must go have some more!


KatieKate said...

loooooooooooove the photos! Look at those puppy eyes!

Dogs at the lake... there really is nothing better.

Amy said...

love the photos!!!! can't wait to hang out tomorrow night :)